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JaRo Guiding Natureguide and fishing guide on the Åland Islands

Welcome to JaRo Guiding. A company run by Jakob Rosenqvist from Eckerö Åland.

JaRo Guiding offers guided fishingtrips and guided naturetours. Both completely planned standard tours and  tailored activities according to customer requests.

We also manufacture log table for sale.

For more information, just look around on the page or contact us by email, telephone or WhatsApp.

About me

My name is Jakob Rosenqvist (Ja Ro). I was born and raised in the countryside of the Åland Islands and have always been interested in animals, nature, hunting and fishing.

I have gone trough three years at the Sportfishingacademy in Värmland and 2 years in the Natureguide program in Kiruna. Through my interest and these schools I have learned a lot about the nature around us and how we interact with it. And also about how to guide others in nature.

I have also fished in the waters surrounding Eckerö since childhood and knows the waters and fishing spots well. And even as they change with the seasons and weather.

I have also undergone training in Navigation, boatsaftey and seatraffic, Surface rescue, firefighting at sea, first aid in terrain and CPR.

And regards fishing techniques I have mastered far more than most guides in the area. Besides basic spin fishing, jerk bait fishing and similar techniques, I also know fly fishing, several types of ice fishing and angling in all its forms, from the most basic methods to floattrolling and bottom angling with alarm. And when other guides are mostly limited to perch, pike and trout sometimes sander and salmon, I can also offer fishing for burbot, whitefish, ide, flounder and bream. Especially since many of these fish require different fishing techniques than most people use on Åland.

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